It is An Eye to The Future's goal to provide quality care and attention to our patients needs throughout the experience in our office, from the initial appointment until the last visit.

Below are just a few of the many excellent comments that we've had from our patients over recent years.

  • Cindy Gutterman

    Dr. Silberberg is a GENIUS!!!!! My eyes were running, burning and uncomfortable for a year!!!!! I went to several doctors in Manhattan and none of them helped me. Finally, Dr. Silberberg prescribed something for me and this the first time in a year that my eyes are normal and I can wear eye liner without it running down my face.
    I am so grateful!!!!!!!

    Cindy Gutterman
  • D. M.

    Hi Dr. Silberberg

    I just wanted to thank you again for examining R. and me. We sincerely appreciate your generosity. But most importantly, I want to thank you for being so professional and knowledgeable. Before kids, I worked as a nurse case manager. Point being, you quickly learn not all doctors are the same. It is great to have someone to go to who you can trust. Your office staff is also very helpful.

    I did spend a few minutes navigating through your new website. It is nicely done and provides your patients with valuable and important information, me included!

    I was pleasantly surprised that the monovision combination you prescribed seems to work well for distance and intermediate vision. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to play tennis because of the weather! I will let you know how I make out.

    When I first started looking into contacts a couple of years ago, I went to someone who tried to fit me with bifocal soft contacts but got nowhere. Then I went to Dr. M. with the hope that GP lenses were the answer. The clarity of the GP multifocals was good, but the comfort was just okay. The soft contacts you prescribed are comfortable and probably the best solution for now because I do not use them everyday.

    Warm regards,
    D. M.
  • John Conte

    Dr. Silberberg and his staff offer high quality eye care. I would highly recommend Dr. Silberberg and An Eye To The Future for any eye care. If I didn't get my eyes examined when I did, I would be totally blind by next year. Dr. Silberberg caught it in time and, through his expertise and his courteous and attentive staff, I am on the road to vision recovery.

    As a writer, I need my eyes.

    Thank you, Dr. Silberberg and your entire staff

    John Conte