It is An Eye to The Future's goal to provide quality care and attention to our patients needs throughout the experience in our office, from the initial appointment until the last visit.

Below are just a few of the many excellent comments that we've had from our patients over recent years.

  • Matthew Wilson

    I have been a patient of Dr. Silberberg's for 30 years, and he is a great doctor and a kind man. It is great to see the new practice with all the space and the latest technologies. Simply the best eye care ever!

    Matthew Wilson
  • Josie D.

    We recently moved to the area and I was super nervous about finding new physicians. I'm rather picky AND I work in Healthcare Management so I have a double whammy of high expectations. This office was absolutely wonderful and I hope to find the same in my other specialists. I found an online review which said this place is high tech while maintaining their mom and pop feel and this is absolutely the truth. The receptionist was warm and welcoming, the medical assistant very nice and explained each exam she was performing so I knew what to expect, and Dr. Mark was fantastic! He explained all our results and took the time to weigh pros and cons with us. We never once felt rushed - a rarity in today's fee for service health care model. He walked us to the check out desk, where another woman handled the end of the visit. We were escorted throughout the office at all times and each person took the extra step to ensure our needs were met. Everyone was very pleasant and I am thrilled to have found my new eye doc!

    Thanks Dr. Mark!
    Josie D.

  • Kat Stack

    A wonderful and family oriented practice! Dr. Silberberg and his staff offer very thorough eye exams using state of the art technology in a very friendly and comfortable atmosphere. They also offer a very large optical selection to choose from. My family and I have consistently received top notch care and service from An Eye To The Future and highly recommend them.

    Kat Stack
  • C. A.

    Dear Dr. Silberberg and Staff:

    Never visited your website before, It is well put together. Just wanted to say that I love the care that is given by you and your entire staff. All of you are so polite, kind, and patient. When I leave your office I always feel that I have received the best care possible. Keep up the good work.

    C. A.

  • Cindy Gutterman

    Dr. Silberberg is a GENIUS!!!!! My eyes were running, burning and uncomfortable for a year!!!!! I went to several doctors in Manhattan and none of them helped me. Finally, Dr. Silberberg prescribed something for me and this the first time in a year that my eyes are normal and I can wear eye liner without it running down my face.
    I am so grateful!!!!!!!

    Cindy Gutterman
  • Cathy A.

    I had a great experience as a patient at An Eye to the Future. I highly recommend them! Dr. Adam mark is phenomenal. He has the qualities you hope for in a doctor: great kindness and great expertise as a clinician. My daughter who is 11 years old wanted to try contact lenses. Thanks to Dr. Mark and Amy she was successful. They were so skilled, supportive and patient in working with my daughter.
    Also the Optician Mr. Sherman is so kind, helpful and skilled at his craft. He is the best Optician I ever worked with.

    Cathy A.
  • Scott Engel RPh

    Hi Dr. Silberberg-

    My first visit to your office with my two children was simply remarkable. From the moment we walked in, we were immediately welcomed. Paperwork was already completed online, and after sign-in, we were told about the Internet room.

    The staff took the kids through preliminary tests with great care and explained everything. Then Dr Silberberg kindly gave them their examinations. He actually made it a fun and even educational at times.

    The facility and equipment was state of the art throughout. After examinations, the optical shop took over. Harold took the time to answer questions about billing and services. This was followed by unexpected same day service of my daughter's eyeglasses!

    Being health professional myself, I was thoroughly blown away by my experience and believe we should model ourselves after Dr Silberberg's care!

    Thanks Again!
    Scott Engel RPh

  • Gerard N Cudzil

    Most people are quick to criticize bad service. I believe if you are willing to criticize you also have to be willing to write a positive review when you feel it is deserved.This is one business that DESERVES a *****FIVE STAR**** Review! Dr. Mark is a great doctor as well as a great person. He is extremely knowledgeable in his field while deploying the latest equipment and technology in his practice.That said, I cannot give all the credit to Dr. Mark. The office staff is sooooooo friendly and nice - not just one of them - EVERYONE of them are delightful to deal with. Smiles all around you in the office. It is my opinion that they all love their jobs! I HIGHLY recommend the practice as well as Dr. Mark! An eye To the Future will always be my eye care professional going forward - THANK YOU :)

    Gerard N Cudzil
  • L. W.

    I wanted to drop this note to Dr. Mark. I had my 7 year old daughter in yesterday for an eye exam which resulted in her needing some glasses for distance. She was so nervous coming into the appointment and very worried about the prospect of getting glasses, however by the time we left she was actually excited about the idea. I believe that her change in attitude was a direct result of the calm, convincing position of Dr. Mark and the staff at the office. The unknown is scary for everyone, but especially for younger children - you did a great job of explaining the issue, without making it a "big" deal.

    Thanks for the time and the service,
    L. W.

  • Grateful Patient

    In an age where medical care has largely been reduced to a "treat 'em and street 'em" mentality, it was truly refreshing to visit Dr. Silberberg!
    Although I was a new patient, he treated me like family. He was caring, kind, and genuinely concerned with my condition. He even has a great (corny) sense of humor!
    Aside from his stellar "bedside manner", he is also a brilliant clinician. I have been treated by eye doctors in 5 states, and he was BY FAR the best! He obviously stays current with the latest diagnostic technology, and helped me understand my own condition better than any other ophthalmologist has in the past. Thanks to Dr. Silberberg's careful attention to detail, I received the most accurate prescription I've ever had, and I'm thankful every day for the gift of better eyesight through my new lenses!

    Thank you, Dr. Silberberg, keep up the good work!
    Grateful Patient
  • Dana S. Carter

    I would like to thank Dr Silberberg and Dr Mark for the care and concern during my recent office visit, along with the entire staff.
    I called in for an Emergency appointment while experiencing excruciating pain in my left cornea. I was advised to come into the office around 4:30, I was literally in tears. I was taken asap, and given drops to that reduced the pain in literally 10 seconds, just as Dr Silberberg promised.
    I have been a patient of this office for about 4 years now, and I can honestly say I WILL NEVER go to another Optometrist as long as I reside in NJ. I continue to rave about the staff along with the state of the art equipment used during treatment. I AM TRULY GRATEFUL that you invest in your business and I can come even in times of medical eye emergencies and get the best of care.

    Dana S. Carter
  • A. P.

    Dr. Mark,

    My husband Joe and I have been very satisfied patients at your office for a number of years. I came to see you in June 2015 because I was having double vision. You took the time to listen to me and do various tests, as well as doing some research. You diagnosed me with 6th nerve palsy and sent me for an MRI to see if there was an underlying cause. Well, I have to say, I am so grateful to you - first of all, for not giving up when I couldn't explain exactly what was happening with my vision, and secondly, for sending me for the MRI. When you received the results of the MRI, you suggested I find a neurologist ASAP because the results suggested a demyelinating disorder, possibly MS.

    I took your advice and long story short, I was diagnosed with Relapsing-Remitting MS in July 2015. Although the news was not welcome and very shocking, I was able to start on a disease modifying medication in August to slow the progression and I am doing well.

    Without your care, I would not have known about my illness and I would not be receiving treatment. I just wanted to take the time to say a very big THANK YOU!

    A. P.